Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Valdez in a Motorhome

Let me start by writing that Valdez isn't like some of the other tourist-y towns we've visited in Alaska. There's not much to do on foot. It's beautiful but if you need restaurants, gift shops, galleries, etc. this is not it. If you want to charter a fishing trip or a glacier cruise though, you are in luck!

We stayed at the Eagle's Nest RV park. Like most full hook-up RV campgrounds in this state, it's a large gravel parking lot. You can get a picnic table and fire ring for your site if you'd like. There's also tiny cabins for rent and a grass space for tent camping. It was pretty easy to walk into the downtown area from here and we even walked to Mineral Canyon (about 3 miles round trip).

It's a beautiful walk downtown along the marina. From there it's an easy stroll to the Dock Point trail. The trail has views of the harbor, mountains, and waterfalls. You'll also pass by a bald eagle nest. It's fairly easy with one hill that puts you a little out of breath.

The Roadside Potatohead had good food and Mr. Potatoheads to play with while we waited for it.

These pictures are from the Mineral Canyon hike. We went at the wrong time of day for good pictures but it's a lush canyon surrounded on all sides by waterfalls. Cars can get pretty far up but not only are there no turnarounds for motorhomes or vehicles with trailers, there's a bridge with a weight limit that doesn't support those large vehicles. So we walked from the RV park. We plan on going back with a smaller vehicle so we can hike all the way up, it's crazy beautiful!

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