Saturday, May 9, 2015

South Fork Eagle River Trail

This was a hike with Hike It Baby. We went to the bridge and back which was 5.09 miles according to a tracking app. Another mom and I pushed strollers and while it is doable I don't think either of us would do it again. It was a pretty great glute workout though. :) It took our group 4 hours, although several members turned back early either due to time constraints or it being just a little too far for their little ones.

We saw a young male moose which is the first time I've seen wildlife along this trail. We had to wait a bit for him to get out of our path (I waited to take photos since I really had no interest in ticking him off) but the kids all thought the sighting was pretty great. Otherwise it was a fairly easy walk with pretty views.

For more information on South Fork Eagle River trail click here.
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