Monday, May 18, 2015

Mount Baldy To The Summit

We did lower Mount Baldy which is a moderate hike. All three adults were carrying children in packs and we're exhausted. :) We also had a 3-year-old and a 4-year-old with us. The total time was four hours and that includes stopping for a snack and a break.

To take the lower trail, walk straight from the parking area (past the gate) and when you reach the pond turn right up the hill. The trails are well-defined but not marked. The first part is scrubby brush and grass but you soon reach Arctic tundra (my favorite). The trail was muddy in a few places and two patches of snow and ice but not bad. Be sure to check out the small plants of the tundra as a few of them were blooming.

Once you reach the saddle walk along the wide ridge to get to the actual summit of Baldy. On a clear day once you're out of the trees it's all views. The Inlet, Mount Foraker and Denali, Ptarmigan Blacktails, Chugach Mountains, Eagle River, and Anchorage.

For more information on Mount Baldy click here.

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