Sunday, August 28, 2016

Emerald Cove To The Beach

 Emerald Cove trail is in Whittier at the end of Shotgun Cove Rd. It's a beautiful hike with great views of glaciers, waterfalls, the Inside Passage, and more. The trail is single track without much elevation change. It is extremely muddy in many places.

We found a ton of blueberries and serviceberries along the way and were glad that we were carrying extra bags (we always try to have bags on us this time of year!). I think the girls ate their weight in berries, I was pretty glad that we still ended up with about a 1/2 gallon to bring home. That was only about 15-20 minutes of picking too, can you believe it?

We only went about halfway along the trail. At that point there are stone stairs (I use the word stairs lightly, someone tried but it's still a bit of an awkward scramble) down to a beach. It was a perfect place to stop, relax, and have some lunch.

For more information on Emerald Cove trail click here.

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