Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Drive From Anchorage to Valdez

This is a long one so bear with me! And I didn't even include things that I didn't get a good picture of - the view of the Alaska Pipeline or Matanuska Glacier, for example.

Starting off, just some of the amazing views from the Glenn Highway:

 Mount Drum from the highway.

And we took the little detour off of Richardson Highway to visit Copper Center. I can't recommend the Copper Center Grille enough. It's a food truck with insanely good prices and good food.

Worthington Glacier View from the road.

Worthington Glacier View from the viewpoint. Did you notice the silty waterfalls? And I wish that I could have been able to frame anything to give this some perspective. The glacier is massive. There was a guy hiking up the side and I kept mentally encouraging him to walk a little further so that I could photograph him against the glacier but apparently one of us doesn't have ESP.

Thompson Pass has an otherworldly, eerie beauty.

Just on the other side of the pass are several pullouts with sweeping views. There are also lots of trails in the area.

After Thompson pass you'll begin your descent down. And down. And down. Eventually you'll end up in a canyon with waterfalls tumbling down.

Bridal Veil Falls.

Horsetail Falls. With a little Where's Waldo thrown in there.

I'm not sure if these were named? There's dozens of waterfalls if not hundreds. It's really amazing.

For an in-depth guide to all the stuff to do along the way Alaska.org has a great intinerary click here.


Brix Hahn said...

This is beautiful! Will and I are planning a trip here this weekend and I'm go happy to see your preview!

Jennifer Heater said...

Have fun! Andrew and I joked that it was like we were driving in an hours-long motorhome commercial. :)