Monday, May 16, 2016


 Where we stayed:

in our motorhome, in the Resurrection campground since it has some hookups (water, electricity). The city of Seward has several campgrounds along the water, all have stunning views of Resurrection Bay. We like staying on that end of town (even if we were to get a hotel room) because we like the downtown area.

What we did:

Beachcombing, playing at the park, flying kites. The Alaska SeaLife Center is within walking distance of the campgrounds and we really enjoy visiting it. The exhibits are really set up well and there's a touch tank for the kids (and I guess the grownups too. If you've ever wondered what a sea cucumber feels like, here's your chance!) We walked around downtown, visiting the stores.

On day two we drove to Exit Glacier located in the Kenai Fjords National Park and hiked to the glacier. On our previous trip we hiked to the overlook and this time we decided to go to the toe. We first hiked to the waterfall which required a few water crossings (it's glacial runoff so it's freezing cold and silty so it's hard to see the bottom. Obviously proceed at your own risk). Then we walked to the base of the glacier. No matter how warm the temperatures, the wind coming off the glacier is cold. Bring a light jacket just in case.

Where we ate:

The Seward Brewing Company. It was a nice, warm day and the salted watermelon salad with a Rockfish Red was the perfect lunch. Afterwards we walked to Sweet Darlings and bought some saltwater taffy.

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