Monday, May 4, 2015

Musk Ox Farm

First off, I'll admit that my photos are a bit misleading. The animals are surrounded by tall fencing and you're not supposed to get too close to the fence. These pictures are courtesy of a long lens. :) 

There is a guided tour that takes you through the farm. I don't know what individual tours are like but we went with a group and it was about 20-30 minutes long. If you go when it first opens (May 3rd this year) there is a good chance of seeing babies. The musk oxen (or oomingmak) aren't dangerous but apparently they get a little skittish around animals that are shorter than them, ie children. There's a herd hierarchy and they might want to test your place in the herd which is why staying back from the fences is important. You don't want the animals to think you are looking for a dominance battle. Or maybe you do, I don't know your life. But it's frowned upon to antagonize the animals. :)

For more information on the Musk Ox farm click here.

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