Sunday, April 26, 2015

South Fork Eagle River Falls

This was an interesting trip to the falls. We went the "normal" way (parked on Ken Logan Circle then took the two rights off the dirt road/trail) there but then decided it might be fun to hike down to the falls. By the time we figured out we weren't going to be able to get back up the same way it was too late. So we had to return on a single-track trail that followed the river back to the bridge. I don't know if that was an okay trail to take, there were no posted "private property" signs and I tried to figure it out when I got home and I'm still not sure. So I can't recommend that way - unless you happen to find yourself stuck at the base of the falls I guess.

The trail was mostly bare and there were plenty of mosquitos so bring your bug spray! The regular trail is stroller-friendly to the lookout. The waterfalls are 60 feet high, I know it can be hard to tell in photos so it's definitely worth the short hike there.

For more information on South Fork Eagle River Falls click here.

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