Monday, September 1, 2014

Mt. Baldy and Blacktail Ridge

This was one of those perfect Alaskan days. We've done Baldy many times, this time we wanted to explore further into the Blacktail Ridge. We're hoping next summer to go even farther! The views from Baldy are great but they're incredible the further back you go. The easiest route with kids is to take the path straight from the parking area, not the one that immediately goes up a steep hill. After about 3/4 mile there will be a well-defined trail that starts going up the hill, right at the pond. After hiking through the brush you'll end up in alpine tundra. If you keep going straight up you'll end up on the saddle and you can walk the ridge to either Baldy or back towards the Blacktails. You can also take the trail that veers left which will be a longer, gentler trip up to the ridge.

For more info on Mt. Baldy and Blacktail Ridge click here.

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